JENNY LAUREN compares the process of hand-crafting her jewelry, as if she were painting on canvas. She deliberately pays attention to creating a unique combination of color, texture and design when choosing various beads, that makes each piece vibrant, spiritual, and one of a kind.


Jenny Lauren Jenny found a love for beads and began creating jewelry in her early youth. On a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico at the age of fifteen with her parents, she searched for and found all types of beads indigenous to the Southwest: from simple colorful glass seeds beads, to rugged and earthy stone, shell, wood, and bone beads. She headed home to NYC with a treasure chest  that inspired her first line of jewelry for the public. Impassioned by the innate beauty of a strand of beads that might be cut in an array of random sizes and line, it has always been the individuality of each bead that excites her and has kept her collecting beads from various cultures for over twenty-five years. Jenny has a B.A in Art History and Fine Arts from Barnard College, and studied Native American Art and Literature at the University of New Mexico. Her education as well as her love of travel and periods living in places such as Santa Fe, New Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and near the beaches of Sag Harbor, have added to the diverse richness in all of her pieces.





JENNY LAUREN JEWELRY portrays Jenny's enduring passion for painting and the celebration of various cultures and art forms. In all of her pieces, she uses a mix of both vintage and traditional hand-made beads and metals that come from all over the world. Her main mission is to create pieces that can be worn both dressy and casual. Some people have called her work, "Bohemian Glam" or "Tribal glam" (actually her own term), yet these are not nearly adequate to describe the pieces. Jenny considers her strongest work to be her very long to extra extra long necklaces because they contain almost five necklaces within. The same necklace can be worn in various ways and this gives the wearer a chance to be creative as well and join in the experience of really getting to know their piece. It can be wrapped 5 times around, three, two, four, and at varying places that emphasizes the changeable color tones in certain areas of the piece. This layering look creates an alluring and elegant appeal that is different from most pieces found in the market today.


Interesting tidbit: The word "BEAD" itself means "TO PRAY".


BEADS have been around for centuries. They were not only made for ritual and adornment, yet also became a form of currency for trade. They have been acknowledged across the world for their exquisite beauty. Rumor has it, that Christopher Columbus bought America with beads.